EAP – Clients

Equine-assisted Therapy for Clients.

Clients enjoy therapy sessions with the horse

Equine-assisted therapy (EAP) or (EAT); a form of Animal-assisted therapy (AAT), is a profound experiential therapeutic option that incorporates human interaction with horses as guides. Stand-alone, or combined with traditional therapy, EAP / EAT, is a proven alternative counseling methodology that has healing, life altering impact. Clients can take an active role in their sessions. No riding experience is necessary and accommodations can be made for individuals with disabilities.

All exercises are conducted on the ground and you do not need to own a horse.

Why Use a Horse in a Therapy Session?

Because they work with You and they offer great opportunities for learning. Where else can you:  Receive unconditional support? Bury your face on a shoulder and receive the quiet strength you sometimes need? Receive gentle but powerful messages that there may be other possibilities…Find creative ways to problem solve…And reach Your goals.

EAP exercises you may experience during your sessions:

Retrieve your horse from the field.

Groom or bathe your horse.

Paint on your horse.

Activities utilizing your horse.

Mindfulness exercises with your horse.

What to Expect:

Your first session should last about 90 minutes. The first part will consist of going over your paperwork, establishing your goals for therapy, and general Q & A’s. The last portion of your session will be spent observing and meeting the horses.

Clients should be sure to wear closed-toed shoes without heels. Sneakers are fine, sandals and flip-flops are not. In addition, we will be working outside so please dress appropriately. In the event of rain, your appointment will take place as scheduled but we will be working in the barn.

We follow the Baltimore County School System for closing information. We are in the Hereford Zone.

When EAP may not be right for certain clients.

EAP has many benefits but may not be the best choice for all individuals. If you have severe allergic reactions to animal hair or dander, you may find working with the horses problematic. Additionally, please check with your primary care provider if you have any medical conditions which may limit your ability to participate in some physical activities.

Also, EAP is contra-indicated in individuals with a history of physical aggression or animal cruelty.

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